Pharmaceutical Solutions

Planning preclinical-clinical developments for your technology? Looking for a robust and scalable manufacturing process? Need to develop & validate specific analytical methods?

PTS offers a 360º approach to cover all the stages of your developments towards polypeptide-based drug delivery systems. From early development, preclinical and clinical stages we provide a valuable partnership to boost your developments in a cost, time and risk saving manner.

PTS will be part of your value chain, operating through a high transparency, our team will work closely within your departments to deliver solutions in custom synthesis, analytical and manufacturing services as well as covering all the regulatory aspects in every stage of your developments. Our network structure will provide solutions in API intermediates, finished product development, supply and manufacture, regulatory affairs and IP protection.

We offer our capabilities and services on a fee for services basis, but we are also open to risk-sharing models through supply-based agreements. We are highly flexible and open to discuss alternative models of working together.

Dermatologic Solutions

We also offer our proprietary Technology for topical delivery. YALIC® platform offers a unique proposition in skin delivery, providing a versatile tool to increase the permeation and bioavailability of APIs through the skin barrier. Our technology has proven efficient permeation enhancement of lipophilic and hydrophilic APIs within a water-based and biodegradable formulation while providing a prolonged hydrating and nurturing effect. Our patented technology, supports the improvement of therapeutic molecules and supports IP product life cycle.

We are currently developing proof-of-concepts towards:

  • Anti-inflammatory treatment for skin diseases, including psoriasis.
  • Wound-healing.