Dermocosmetic solutions

Looking for an effective and cutting-edge technology to boost efficiency of your formulas?

Skin is a perfect barrier, designed to prevent the penetration of undesired substances in to the body. Crossing the skin barrier in an efficient and effective manner is within reach of very few, as PTS, that offers you a pioneering and differential technology to develop your simple, biodegradable and biocompatible formulas with a minimum API concentration required to reach a maximum efficacy at the target site of action.

We have developed our skin delivery platform for Dermocosmetic applications. YALIC nurturing® provides a versatile platform for cosmetic formulation with proven prolonged hydrating and nurturing effect over the skin (more than 36h) and provides a boosting effect over the treatments applied afterwards. Our strong R&D efforts and strategic partnerships in dermocosmetic applications are devoted to the development of the next generation cosmetic ingredients (

PTS offers an integral service to develop your own ingredients and formulas from early design, prototyping and market, providing support in every stage and area of the project including; i) custom design & synthesis; ii) analytical development; iii) marketing-driven biological testing and efficacy and iv) regulatory affairs and product registration.